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  • Building the Perfect Soccer Player

    By Bill Altieri I think a lot about soccer… about teams and players both past and present, amazing moments — all sorts of things. I am also constantly revisiting my current world’s best 11 players by position — this is my starting lineup, including coach/manager, if I could handpick anyone in the world to play […] Continue reading
  • Nutrition 2.0 – Post-Game Recovery

    It’s time again to talk about food! Recently I have seen and heard some interesting things that were either pure genius or absolute garbage, but what really caught my attention is that they were things that I know many of you would probably ask about. Today I’m going to tell you about those things but […] Continue reading
  • Motivation

    “If you are always saying I’ll do it to tomorrow, than your tomorrow will than turn into another day and so on, and so, etc. etc.” – Victoria Addino Hi Everyone! I’m going to teach you about motivation – what it is, how it is specific to soccer and what we can do to stay […] Continue reading
  • Stretching

    Hi Everyone, We are comfortably into spring now and I know you’ve learnt a lot already from your coaches (and hopefully from me too). Today I am going to tell you a little bit about stretching. I will explain what stretching is and why it is important; when to stretch and how long for and […] Continue reading