Policies and Procedures – Duxbury Futbol Club (D.F.C.) Dragons

The D.F.C. Dragons Organization

The DFC Dragons club soccer program is a major component of Duxbury Youth Soccer Association (DYSA), a registered Massachusetts 501c3, and falls under the oversight of the Duxbury Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors.  DFC exists to deliver a high-quality soccer experience and exceptional player development opportunities to its players and their families.  In doing so, we must maintain objectivity, fairness, and transparency in everything we do.  Further, it is imperative that the policies and procedures outlined in this document be adhered to by everyone involved in the DFC Dragons program — everything we do reflects not only on DFC, but also on DYSA as a whole.  Our motto is “MORE DEVELOPMENT FOR MORE PLAYERS OVER A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME.”  This obviously drives our policies and procedures around tryouts and team formation.  Our goal through our tryouts is to identify the players that we believe are qualified to play club soccer at this time.  It is never our objective to field a single, dominant team in every age group — we are here to teach and help foster a life-long passion for the game of soccer.  Consequently, when we have enough qualified players in a given age group, D.F.C. Dragons will form multiple level, skill-balanced teams in that age group so that more players may benefit from our program.


We put a tremendous amount of work into our organization and we believe it shows in everything we do.  We demand the best from ourselves and know full well that being a volunteer-driven organization is never an excuse to deliver anything but our best.  You can expect us to do what is right and to continuously work to improve our program.

In return, we maintain very high expectations of our players and their families.

For players, we expect that you:

  • Respect our club and wear our uniform with pride
  • Respect all coaches, parents, and players in DFC
  • Respect our opponents
  • Respect the referees — never abuse an official for any reason
  • Work hard and be accountable for your actions — Focus, train hard, work hard to improve your game, and stay fit
  • Honor your commitments to our club and your team
  • Uphold the D.F.C. Dragons Code of Conduct
  • Love the beautiful game of soccer

For parents, we expect that you:

  • Support and encourage your child
  • Respect all administrators, coaches, parents, and players in DFC
  • Respect our opponents
  • Respect the referees — never abuse an official for any reason and never approach an official during or after a match
  • Review and understand our club philosophy and policies — take an active interest in our club
  • Respond in a timely manner to DFC’s communications requests
  • Encourage your child to honor his/her commitments to our club and his/her team
  • Uphold the D.F.C. Dragons Code of Conduct

Player Evaluations, Tryouts, Team Placement, Roster Approval, and Coach Selection

I. Player Evaluations

  • Age Group Coordinators will supply all coaches for their respective age group with a player evaluation form (can be downloaded here from the Coach’s Corner on the DFC website) at the start of each season. Only a DFC-approved player evaluation form may be used.
  • All head and assistant coaches must complete and submit player evaluations for the team and season coached to their respective Age Group Coordinator and DFC Club Director.
  • Coaches’ player evaluations are an integral part of the team placement process (failure to submit player evaluations may have an effect on future coach selection).
  • In order to be considered valid, all player evaluations must be submitted to the respective Age Group Coordinator and Club Director. Electronic filing of player evaluations is highly encouraged.
  • Player evaluations must be completed each season and submitted within 3 weeks of the end of the season or before the start of tryouts — whichever comes first.
  • Age Group Coordinators will share player evaluations with other age group coordinators for players moving into a new age group.
  • Coaches will offer to meet briefly with each player at the end of the season to review their player evaluation and chart a course for the player’s further development.

II. Tryouts

  • All players must pre-register for tryouts.  No exceptions.  Players that fail to pre-register will not be allowed to participate in the tryouts.
  • Tryouts are intended to evaluate a player’s ability to play soccer with children of the same age group and supplement player evaluations in the team placement process.
  • Tryouts will be open to all registered players and all registrants are expected to attend tryouts.
  • Tryouts will be held in June in accordance with the rules of MAPLE.
  • Only a DFC-approved tryout evaluation form may be used to evaluate players at a tryout.
  • Prior to tryouts, each age group coordinator must have the tryout plan reviewed and approved by the Club Director. The tryout plan should include (1) the number and duration of each tryout (at least two per team), (2) the tryout schedule — the dates and times of each tryout and how they foot with MAPLE rules, (3) the exercises to be used during the tryout process, and (4) the tryout evaluators and their credentials.

III. Team Placement

  • No team will be designed with the intention of keeping the team together as a unit from year to year.
  • In instances where DFC fields multiple teams in a given age group, level, skill-balanced teams will be formed.  This approach is tied to our philosophy of “More development for more players over a longer period of time.”
  • A team formation meeting will be held by the respective Age Group Coordinator to form each team — also invited to attend will be the DFC Club Director, the team Head Coaches (if known), and others as determined by the DFC Director.  This group will be referred to as the team’s Placement Committee.
  • Prior to the team formation meeting, each age group coordinator will create a proposed ranking of players based upon all information available. This ranking will only be used as a guide during the placement process.
  • The Placement Committee will use all information available in order to make roster decisions.
  • All individual player placement discussions are considered confidential and should not be disseminated outside the placement meeting.
  • Roster spots may be held for tentatively assigned players.

IV. Coach Selection

  • DFC policy is to place players on team rosters before announcing coaches.
  • Factors such as licensure (USSF and NSCAA), coaching and playing experience, parent and player feedback, alignment with DFC’s philosophy and coaching principles, and Age Group Coordinator recommendations will be used by the DFC Club Director to select coaches.
  • All coaching assignments will be made by the DFC Dragons Club Director.

V. Roster Approval

  • No individual may release team placement information until rosters have been approved by the Age Group Coordinator and DFC Club Director.

VI. Roster Adjustments

Occasionally due to various reasons (a player withdraws, a coach is needed, parental request, etc.), roster adjustments need to be made after the placement meeting or roster approval by the DFC Club Director. The following methodology must be followed to resolve any, and all, roster issues –

  • The respective Age Group Coordinator and DFC Club Director must together oversee the roster resolution process.
  • Only those individuals necessary need to be involved in the roster resolution process.
  • If those involved in the decision making process are unable to reach an equitable resolution, the matter must be escalated to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then make the final decision on the roster issue.