Welcome to the Duxbury Football Club Dragons Website!

Whether a first-time visitor or a longstanding DFC family, please take a few moments to browse our website and learn more about our soccer club and programs.

You Are the DFC Dragons!

What does this mean? It means that DFC families, we need you to take more ownership of DFC Dragons!

Families are the most important part of this club (both our players and their parents) because we could not do this without you.  After all, DFC Dragons is really just a community project – a long-term, rapidly growing project designed to provide truly amazing soccer opportunities to the girls and boys of Duxbury that are looking for more soccer in an environment that is fair and transparent as well as fun, safe, and convenient. As you probably know, we are a not-for-profit organization (as past of Duxbury Youth Soccer Association, a registered 501c3) and all the fees we collect from our programs go to support our exceptional coaching staff as well as our facilities, fields, equipment, league fees, and insurance.  Everything else that gets done here at DFC is actually done by parent volunteers and that includes the Board of Directors and club administration.  Why is this important? Well, for two reasons: first, it means that your registrations fees go directly to bettering the soccer experience of your child (not into the pockets of a club officer) and second, because it means that DFC is highly dependent on your help (and the help of other parent volunteers). Actually, volunteering your time helps to drive down our registration fees while also significantly improving the soccer experience our club can provide our families and players. Please consider becoming a team manager, providing pro bono legal services, graphic design or marketing services, or become a statistician, help with our storefront, or help us to develop sponsors and fundraise.  You even help the club by spreading the word or when you walk around town wearing DFC apparel.  We need you to help us raise awareness and to recruit more players.  You are the club.  Let’s make it the best possible experience for our kids as we teach valuable lessons and build wonderful memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  If you really want to get involved with anything, large or small, then please contact our club director, Bill Altieri (coachaltieri@dfcdragons.org).

Your son or daughter is going to learn a lot about life on the soccer field – the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, leadership skills, team play, respect, discipline, courage, honor, and camaraderie.  Let’s make it the best possible experience for them by working together to build something special.